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D.O.C. Todi

These are ancient lands, cradle of great civilizations, scenery of battles, where noble Romans, ladies and knights, saints, poets and great thinkers were born or lived; these are lands where legend and history interlace and where the traces of the past are still so palpable; these are lands where magical timeless landscapes suddenly appear. These very lands, with a sublime exposure to the sunlight, which warms them up so well, provide the nourishment needed to characterize the grapes growing there. The peerless perfume, taste and colour of the grapes are then infused into the wines produced in the area. Those who taste them get the feeling to revive ages of history and traditions at each sip.

This happens in the territory of DOC TODI. 

Started with the efforts of nine wineries tightly linked to the territory, DOC TODI spreads out in the area of four towns: Collazzone, Massa Martana, Montecastello di Vibio, Todi. Todi is the biggest of the four towns and is the most important for its wine growing and producing activity. It is from Todi that the DOC takes its name. 


     Massa Martana
     Monte Castello di Vibio





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